Actuator for Turbo-charging System

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Actuator Assembly, Position Sensor, Gear Assembly & Internal Parts, AL. Die Casting, BLDC Motor

Actuator for Turbo-charging System


Applying Field : Turbocharging system

Our actuator products are used for turbocharging applications such as air-intake control of VGT(Variable Geometry)
turbocharger & supercharger and mainly composed with the following components.

1. High quality aluminum die casting body.
2. Optimized high precision, low noise position sensor.
3. DC or BLDC Motor option available.
4. Precision gear box and torque transferring motion parts.

We design and develop all the parts through our R&D center.
We can offer customization for your own applications and we can produce every parts according to your specification.
We promise to supply high quality actuators to boost-up your business.

1. 高品質アルミニウムダイキャスト筐体。
2. 最適化された高精度、低ノイズのポジションセンサー。
3. DCまたはBLDCモーターオプションも選択可能。
4. 精密ギアボックスおよびトルク伝動部品。