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Actuator for turbocharger

Our actuator products are used for turbocharging applications such as air-intake control of VGT(Variable Geomatry) turbocharger & supercharger and mainly composed with the folloing components.

Actuation Motor, DC Motor, BLDC Motor

We develop DC & BLDC Motors below 30W according to customer's desired applications.
We can design and develop the construction and the structure, windings according to customer's request.
Right now, we are supplying our DC motors for turbocharging systems and BLDC motors as well.
Also, we supply our motors for medical devices such as surgery sub-table lifting device and mini water pump.

Helical gear for power steering system

We produce gears for various applications such as power steering unit system, reduction gear box, motor torque transfering gear and so on.
We can offer high strength high quality gears according to customer's specifications and module at very competitive prices.

Embeded systems

Embeded systems, Dedicated control unit

We can develop any kind of embeded systems for control & analysis for your application.
We can develop dedicated hardware and software for each customer's customization.
Our embeded system is reliable and built to last for a long time without any maintenance.
We always pursue user friendly environment and compatibility for our customers when it comes to the development.
We have a standardized hardware platform to offer so that the development can be done at very reasonable budget and reduce delivery lead time.

Pipe & Tube bending&Dedicated machineries

Pipe, Tube, wire Bending

Our company is specialized in pipe, tube, wire bending ranging from Ø3mm ~ Ø120mm. We can bend, weld, braze, flare, flange, process any type of materials for our customers and our bent tubes are widely used in Toyota, Dayhatsu, Suzuki, Nissan engine system.
We also supply our bent tubes for contruction machine hydraulic system.
We are specialized in producing numerous items in small quantity and we can offer very competitive prices.